Respiratory System


Asthma is commonly found disorder in elderly people with a history of allergies. It is an inflammation of the airway leading to excessive narrowing of air passage, with reduced airflow. Narrowing of passage causes difficulty breathing in person. Sometimes this difficulty hampers normal routine of person. The attacks of asthma can be minor to life threatening hence its management is necessary.

Risk factors

  • Pollen grain allergies
  • Food allergies
  • Cold weather
  • Air pollution
  • Occupational exposure to chemicals and dust particles in air
  • Genetic
  • Smoking
  • Stress
  • Signs and Symptoms

  • Noise like wheezing while breathing
  • Feeling as if out of breath
  • Cough with expectoration or without expectoration
  • Taxing efforts for normal breathing
  • Exhaustion
  • Homeopathy is very effective for asthma treatment. Homoeopathic medicine can give long term relief to symptoms like cough, tightness of chest, difficulty in breathing etc. It also reduces the intensity of symptoms and recurrence of asthma attacks. Along with homoeopathic treatment we also guide some lifestyle changes as well as dietary corrections to the patient.

    Best homoeopathic medicines used in complaint of asthma


    This medicine is well suited to a person who is anxious, restless and easily gets frightened. Asthmatic symptoms aroused due to sudden exposure to dry cold weather. Cough is dry with shortness of breath. Complaints get worse in winter and at night. Tingling sensation is present in chest. It works well in the beginning of an acute disease.

    Arsenicum Album

    This remedy is given when asthmatic attack is worse at night, while lying down. Expectorations are scanty and frothy. Pains are burning in sensation. Respiration is wheezing with constricted feeling in the chest. Arsenic is well suited to irritable, restless people who get exhausted easily.

    Blatta Orientalis

    This is a very good remedy for asthma. It is given when asthma is associated with bronchitis. Expectorations are pus like with mucus in it. This medicine acts well in stout and corpulent patient.

    Ammonium Carbonicum

    This homoeopathic medicine acts wonderfully on respiratory complaints of stout persons who are always tired, exhausted and take cold easily. This medicine is given when asthma is due to allergic conditions leading to continuous watery nose and cough, which is worse in the morning. Patient feels out of breath they have to stop after climbing every four steps of staircase or stiff path. Normal breathing is also taxing in these patients.

    Calcarea carbonica

    Patient to whom homoeopathic medicine calcarea carb is prescribed are obese and has family history of asthma. These patients present the typical signs and symptoms of asthma which are worsening at night. The reduced space of air way makes patient to feel suffocated or tightness in chest. Patient feels better in fresh air

    Euphrasia officinalis

    Euphrasiaofficinalis is the best homoeopathic medicine indicated when there is inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, especially nose is present. These patients suffer from constant watery nose and cough with expectoration. Complaints of asthma are aggravated in the evening. Bouts of cough are very loud making patient hawking.


    This homoeopathic medicine is prepared from musk. The Moschus helps in relieving the feeling of tightness in chest as well as anxiety which occurs with the episodes of asthma. Patient presents the complaint of dry cough where he is trying to expectorate but nothing comes out. Difficult respiration makes him anxious.

    Natrum Sulphuricum

    This homoeopathic medicine is prescribed when symptoms of asthma are aggravated in damp weather. Patient gets greenish expectorations, while coughing he has to hold chest. Rattling sound is present while coughing.