Weight loss / Gain


Obesity is not considered as a disease but it is a major risk factor for many diseases. You can say obesity is the outcome of our unhealthy lifestyle and sedentary habits. The stress eating, cravings for junk food, lack of exercise, high work stress all of these signs of modernization has disturbed our metabolism and immunity. Though obesity is not a disease but it invites many health issues in later stages of life. Diabetes, PCOS, thyroid disorders, cardiac disease and many more health issues share direct or indirect connection with overweight person. Safe weight loss along with indicated medication has shown dramatic improvement in these conditions.

What is BMI?

- BMI is body mass index

How to calculate BMI?

Present weight in kg / (height in meters)2

When BMI is above 30 the person is considered obese.

When BMI is within 25 to 30 the person is considered overweight.

20 to 25 are considered as healthy BMI range.

Some of the causes for weight loss are noted down below.


  • Unhealthy food habits
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Eating disorder
  • Metabolic disorder
  • Stress eating
  • Genetics
  • Alcohol
  • PCOS
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Diabetes Mellitus (DM)
  • Obesity is a great risk factor in following disease conditions

  • PCOS
  • Cardiovascular diseases and DM
  • Infertility, Miscarriage
  • Thrombosis
  • Malnutrition
  • Glucose intolerance
  • DM type II
  • Lipid profile imbalance
  • Hypertension
  • Hypoxemia
  • Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Snoring
  • Angina pectoris
  • Chronic hypoventilation syndrome
  • Obesity body weight load causes osteoarthritis of weight bearing joints
  • GERD
  • Hyperlipidemia
  • We guide healthy nutritious diet with exercise which will have great results in weight loss of overweight and obese person.

    Weight loss diet is recommended for obese and overweight persons. Calorie cut diet with exercise and treating underlying disease condition will be helpful in losing weight. Though homoeopathic medicines are not directly indicated for weight loss but they helps in weight loss by treating underlying disease condition and improving the digestion and metabolism of patient. Few of them are discussed below.

    Calcarea Carbonicum

    Calcarea carbonicum is indicated in patients who have a sluggish metabolism. The patients are of fair complexion and obese. There is a thyroid dysfunction in calcarea patient which presents with swollen or inflamed thyroid gland. These patients are very sensitive to cold environment. In the journey of weight loss this wonderful homoeopathic medicine helps the patient by improving his metabolism and giving symptomatic relief in his thyroid functioning.

    Capsicum Annuum

    This great homoeopathic medicine is prepared from pepper The patients to whom capsicum annuum suits tend to gain weight because of weak digestion and hormonal imbalance.

    Ferrum Metallicum

    The patients to whom Ferrum metallicum medicine is indicated are very strong in appearance but weakness is felt by them. Menses are too early or too profuse or the flow continues for many days. Low hemoglobin levels and tendency of water retention in body gives them fatty look.


    This is most commonly used homoeopathic medicine in complaints of hormonal imbalance and skin issues. Almost all of the complaints of hypothyroidism are covered with this great medicine. The patients has tendency of weight gain .The chronic constipation and obesity is associated with thyroid disorder. The proper dosing of graphite will remove the resistance to weight loss by improving digestion and hormonal balance in patient.


    Ambragrisea is prescribed to treat the digestion of patients who are old age and weakened in general. These patients often present the complaint of weight gain along with hair loss. The ambragrisea persons are generally obese.

    Ammonium muriaticum

    Ammonium muriaticum is homoeopathic medicine used to treat patients who are having fat and sluggish temperament. The swelling on body and limbs gets relief by having proper doses of ammonium muriaticum by homoeopathic physician.

    Antimonium Crudum

    An Antimonium personality has weak metabolism and tendency to grow fat. Sluggish metabolism is improved by this wonderful homoeopathic medicine. These people are always sleepy during the day time and very sensitive to heat.

    Baryta carbonica

    Baryta Carbonicum is homoeopathic medicine used to treat hypothyroidism of patients who are very sensitive to cold and has weakness. Hair loss and weight gain is one of the associate complaints.

    Kalium Carbonicum

    Kalium Carbonicum personalities have alternating moods of anxiety and fear. The homoeopathic medicine Kalium Carbonicum best acts in the complaints of potassium deficiency and weight gain due to water retention in body. Kalium Carbonicum is one of the homoeopathic medicines which are prepared from minerals. This medicine best acts in the disorders which are due to the deficiencies of certain hormones.