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We provide patients the safest, harmless and holistic cure for their underline disease conditions through homoeopathic medicines and nutritious diet.


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Hair, Skin, Weight Loss/ Weight Gain, Hormonal disorders


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Welcome to Supreme Clinic

Welcome to Supreme Clinic. We are expert in providing care which is personalized to each patient's unique needs. We specialize in providing quality services in Digestive System, Hair Treatment , Ear Nose Throat , Skin Care , Mind and Head Care in Pune. We are committed to the highest standards of quality and ethics while delivering these services. Explore our site to know more about our facilities, get reliable health information & connect with us instantly. You can ask us health related questions or consult with us remotely & securely. We look forward to meet, inform and serve you dedicatedly in your health & well-being needs.


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Hair Treatment

Hair is a crown of our beauty. Healthy, shiny hair will definitely add charm in your personality.


Homeopathy can help to reduce the severity of eruptions and control scarring as much as possible.

Weight loss / Gain

Obesity is not considered as a disease but it is a major risk factor for many diseases. You can say obesity is the outcome of our unhealthy lifestyle and sedentary habits.

Ear Nose Throat

Homoeopathic treatment is very effective in all allergic cases. It reduces frequency, intensity and duration of symptoms.

Respiratory System

Asthma is commonly found disorder in elderly people with a history of allergies.

Digestive System

We take care of dietary corrections of our patients along with homeopathic medications.

Bone and Joint Disorder

Homoeopathic medicine would help to reduce the intensity and severity of pain hence person is able to perform his daily routine.

Hormonal disorders

Thyroid gland is a butterfly shaped gland present in neck. It secretes three thyroid hormones T3, T4 and calcitonin which help in regulating body metabolism and body temperature.

Kidney and urinary complaints

Kidney stones are most painful and it is recurring complaint. Homoeopathic medicines are very effective in pain management of kidney stones.

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